New Orleans Personal Injury Attorney Explains The Jones Act

It is common knowledge that seamen are covered under the Jones Act for injuries resulting from negligence. However, other maritime occupations are also covered under the Jones Act. These occupations include offshore workers on drilling rigs, production platforms, workers who work on barges and workers who are traveling between land locations in connection with their work.

Jones Act offers various benefits to injured maritime and offshore workers. Maintenance and cure is one benefit that injured workers are entitled to receive. Under maintenance and cure, the company is required to pay the injured worker a daily pay to cover reasonable expenses while ashore. The payments should continue until the injured worker can return to work or has reached maximum medical improvement possible. Under the Jones Act, the injured worker also has the right to choose his physician. If you have suffered an injury, it would be wise to speak with a maritime attorney to ensure that you will receive all the benefits to which you are entitled. Visit for a free consultation. Mr. Cueria is available to help you with your Jones Act claim.

Most individuals do not realize that Workers Compensation and Jones Act claims are different and provide a different outcome for your claim. One example of the differences is that Jones Act settlements are much larger than Workers Compensation and often life-changing. If you file for Workers Comp or other benefits, you might lose your right to pursue a Jones Act claim. Workers Comp laws were designed to provide medical care, disability payments and income benefits to employees hurt on the job, while Jones Act offers higher settlements and not only covers medical treatment but can include compensation for pain and suffering as well as the loss of life enjoyment.

If you or someone you know has been injured offshore, it’s important to seek legal help quickly. At the Cueria Law Firm, L.L.C., Brett Cueria has the experience helping injured maritime workers.

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Expert Metairie Lawyer Negotiates With Insurance Companies

When an accident or injury occurs, and it has been determined that it is a result of someone’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries from the individuals at fault. Most personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court.  Many injuries involve insurance companies and generally speaking, insurance companies are not interested in going to court. The Courts require time and additional expenditures in legal fees.  If the insurance company goes to trial, they are no longer in control. The jury will decide. 

In some instances, a civil lawsuit might be more desirable netting a successful plaintiff more money. However, the majority of personal injury cases settle out of court. Peyton Burkhalter is an expert Metairie injury attorney with many years of successful outcomes negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of his clients. When a case is settled out of court, his client has assured a victory. Settlement out of court is beneficial because it minimizes the cost of legal fees and time.

Hiring this experienced lawyer just makes sense. Some insurance companies may take advantage of your financial instability if you are unable to work by offering you a quick settlement.  Call Peyton B Burkhalter and allow him to negotiate a settlement so that you are assured a fair outcome.

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Top Covington Injury Attorney Wins Cases

If you have been physically injured, or your personal property has been damaged, Louisiana law entitles you to compensation for the injuries caused by an individual’s inappropriate, reckless, or intentional acts to harm. Personal injury law is also referred to as “tort” law. The Federal and State government has enacted these laws to protect individuals in the event of injury caused by another.

Manufacturers are responsible for assuring that their product is safe when used as directed. This is referred to as product liability. If someone becomes ill or they are injured, they only have to show that the product was defective and that harm was done through no fault of their own.

If you or family member are the victim of a personal injury, there are several steps to help yourself. The most important thing to do initially is to seek medical attention for your injuries. The next act is to inform the authorities and your insurance company. If you believe that your injury was caused by the carelessness or intentional act of another, contact The Upton Law Firm for a free consultation to discuss the details of your case at your earliest convenience. In all instances, avoid discussing the incident with representatives who are not from your insurance company. Be cooperative with the police but never assume guilt until you have spoken to Tim Upton.

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What is Personal Injury Law?

Some lawsuits for personal injury may appear to be frivolous on the surface.  However, this ancient tort law system has safeguards in place to prevent inappropriate lawsuits.

Modern personal injury cases include dog bites, helicopter accidents, vehicle accidents, etc.  When an individual is negligent and causes injury to another whether intentional or not, they are liable for the damage and can be sued.

The basis of this common law is derived from the ancient laws of England that developed over time to protect the injured by awarding funds for damages.  Louisiana’s tort laws vary because the state was historically under the French, or Roman Civil Law system.